I , Goat

I Goat, 2016
Thomas Thwaites
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Thomas Thwaites

Thomas Thwaites is a British designer and writer. He describes himself as “a designer (of a more speculative sort), interested in technology, science, futures research.”

“I tried to become a goat to escape the angst inherent in being a human.” This project is an exploration of how close modern technology can take on characteristics from other animals. But instead of taking shape of a bear or bird, he became a four legged goat with a prosthetic rumen strapped to his chest. He walked on all fours and went up down steep cliffs in the Alps with a herd of goats for three days, eating grass and sleeping outside. As, it is an interesting and slightly different way of looking at the world and thinking about ourselves in relation to other people, other objects, other animals.


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By selinnnsannn

Student at Parsons Paris
Art, Media & Technology '23

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